Thursday, December 29, 2005

Announcement on NPCC Alumni Formation

On the 29th April 2001, the then Education Minister Teo Chee Hean announced the formation of NPCC Alumni with the speech at the 41st Anniversary of NPCC Day Parade. This can be found via

The formation of NPCC Alumni Association of Singapore is made possible with strong support from the then NPCC Commandant, Ag DSP Yong Khin Chong and NPCC Council Chairman, A/Prof Yeo Jinn Fei. Not forgeting the staff of HQ NPCC and the protem Committee led by Andrew Tan, and all former NPCC members that had contributed to its formation.

An extract is reproduced here for easy referencing:


Commissioner of Police, Mr Khoo Boon Hui Chairman,NPCC Council, Associate Professor Yeo Jinn FeiOfficers and CadetsLadies and Gentlemen
1. It is my pleasure to celebrate with you this afternoon the National Police Cadet Corps' 41st Anniversary Parade.

2. Since its inception in 1959, the NPCC has grown from the pioneer batch of 30 cadets to its present strength of 19,500. Today, there are NPCC units in 152 secondary schools, including 12 new NPCC Units, which were formed in January this year, making the Corps the largest uniformed youth group in Singapore schools.

3. The NPCC Vision is "TO MOULD THE BUILDERS OF A SAFE AND SECURE HOME". Though the vision was crafted only two years ago, it is in many ways what the NPCC has been doing for the past forty years. The NPCC training programme offers activities such as Learning Journeys, camping, adventure training and community involvement projects, all of which provide lessons in life and training in desirable values such as discipline, loyalty, integrity, and civic consciousness. A safe and secure home are founded on these shared values that a people can identify with. In addition, working together with the Singapore Police Force and community bodies, the NPCC has been moulding and preparing its cadets to play a role in preserving Singapore's safety and security, thus making Singapore our best home.

4. There is a saying in Chinese that illustrates well that the straight and honest life is the harder to lead, that it is the desirable values that are harder to uphold, and the good habits that are harder to learn. The saying goes: while it takes three years to learn good, it takes but three days to learn the bad, or to unlearn all the good. Indeed it is a constant challenge to teach our young what is morally right, what is for the common good, what is unselfish and acceptable. On the home front, the responsibility of parents in the inculcation of values is irrefutable. Schools will do their part and keep at this uphill task to impart values and good habits in our children. And schools need the cooperation of community groups and uniformed youth groups to help them in this task. Yours is a noble vision and mission, and I hope the NPCC will continue its good work to teach its cadet members to uphold and live by its core values of discipline, loyalty, integrity, and respect.

5. As we enter a new millennium, the NPCC has to find ways to remain relevant to our students and the nation. Whether old or new economy, the basic tenet and guiding principle that we want the best home, safe and secure, for Singapore, does not change. The NPCC's task is to update itself so that it continues to draw our youths to devote time and energy to its activities, in return for a firm foundation in moral robustness and the pursuit of healthy interests. For a start, the NPCC has done well to build on its past foundation, setting up the NPCC Alumni Association this year, so that former cadets and officers can continue their service to the NPCC family. Later this year, the NPCC History Book will be launched, and it aims to inculcate in cadets a greater awareness of and pride in the NPCC history and mission. These are wise moves to consolidate the strengths of the organisation and draw on ready resources to help the NPCC scale greater heights in the 21st Century.

6. Over the last four decades, more than half a million cadets have undergone training and participated in activities with the NPCC. Many of them have gone on to contribute significantly both in the public and private sectors, and many will vouch that their years with the NPCC have stood them in good stead. I wish the NPCC continued success with moulding more of our young into gentlemen and women. Best wishes to officers and cadets of NPCC as you celebrate the 41st Anniversary of the Corps.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Current Activites

"Walking down memory lane" for those who have known it, Police Academy will be shifting to Home Team Academy next year. In the process, an event is organised for those who wish to walk down memory lane on Saturday, 10 December 2005. Details below:

Open House : Police Academy 12.30 pm to 6.00pm
Programme (12.30pm onwards)
- Arrival of visitors and families at Station 1 (Old Drill Shed)
- Video Playback
- Tour of Photo Exibition
- Souvenir Booths
- Display of Old Items
- Photo-taking Corners
- Children Fun Corner (Face Painting, Take-aways)
- Tour of Police Academy
- End of event (Guests may leave before 6.00pm)

Clarifications: TRACOM - Mr Adrian Oong, 64783076 or 97638493 or

or contact NPCC Alumni - Mr Andrew Tan 90028456 or

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